Why You Need A Realtor

Buying a Home is a Big Deal!!

The real estate business can be so confusing. Most people are very unaware that the person who is selling a home typically pays the commission for the seller's agent who is marketing their home AND pays the commission for the buyer's agent. The buyer does NOT pay the commission...the seller does. Therefore, when you call a number from a "for sale" sign, the seller's agent will rarely want to spend time with you...much less meet you to show the home. They know the odds of you liking that one home are rather low. Therefore, their time is wasted...UNLESS they can capture you as a buyer and serve you that way.

Secondly, if a person does not have an agent assisting in the purchase, how does that person know the true market value? What about the legal contracts...the inspection period...the negotiation? The seller is actually paying for the buyer to have proper representation. There are NO disadvantages to you in having someone represent you. The same is true for the builders. 

Builders have a separate marketing fund to cover the commission for the buyer's agent. Furthermore, the purchase price will not be any less if you don't have an agent. Statistics show that a majority of buyers pay more for a home if they are not represented.

Whether you use my services or not, you really should have someone who has your best interest in mind...working with you. I would be happy to discuss this further with you. It could be a very costly mistake if you buy a home without representation...period.