Corporate Relocations

Using A Relocation Agent With A Corporate Move

Very often relocation companies are used to assist with a move. Many companies both large and small use these relocation companies to help new and current employees with their move. I work very closely with many relocation companies. Relocation companies typically are interested in two things; 1) that you are well taken care of, and 2) that they receive their referral fee. I meet both points of interest by ensuring that you are well taken care of and paying their referral fee.

I have found that the better relocation companies allow you to work with someone of your choice. If, for example, your bother or sister works as a real estate agent in the area that you're moving to, they would allow you to work with them. I am a unique agent because I am committed to knowing the area along with the builders and various pro’s and con’s that can affect home value and resale ability. Conversely, many of the other real estate companies have over a hundred agents. Getting a true expert is a "flip of the coin."

When you choose to use the agent that is "assigned" to you, in a typical scenario, the "relo" client (you) is given to an agent that "needs" a deal because their volume is down. Relo's are used as a retention tool in many brokerages. Many times, the good Realtors do not like working with relocation companies because they refuse to pay the referral fee to the relocation company.

I would look forward to spend time with you and work hard implementing critical strategies that ensure the best possible value in a home for you. It would be an honor to serve you and earn your trust and respect...a move that you can trust will be in your best interest.